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What We Do

Imagine the phone ringing more with high quality customers who are ready to buy what you sell — all with no effort or time on your part. When working with New Market Group that is precisely what is possible.


Our Approach

No matter whether you business is growing, stable, or declining, it always makes sense to look at ways in which to grow your business.


Why Choose Us

So what makes New Market Group different? You have no risk in working with us, and we’ll prove our success with data and clients.

About the Company


Matt and Sarah Wenger are the owners of Wenger Marketing Group which is the parent company of New Market Group, LLC and BizGrowthSystems.com.

When not making their clients tons of money they like to travel, read books, exercise, watch interesting television shows, hang out with their 16 (and counting) nieces and nephews and enjoy deep conversation. They also enjoy doing a variety of stuff outside such as hiking, biking, rollerblading, and more. Sarah’s second job is putting up with Matt and his sarcastic personality.

We’re Looking for

Quality Business Owners to Work With – Not Just Anyone

New Market Group actively develops assets and marketing systems that generate clients for high quality businesses at our own cost, research, and development. New Market Group looks for honest, quality, and upstanding businesses to share these clients with.

Every business that has been chosen for our program goes through a 5 step process which allows us to best determine whether or not they are a good fit for our program.

Before we even approach a business we have already ghost shopped your company to get a feel for how customers can expect to be treated. This is because we only want to send customers to a business that we feel will provide the best customer service and will go that extra mile to make sure the customer is happy with the results. We have also done other research.

How the Process Works


If selected to work with New Market Group you will receive exclusive client acquisition calls. This means that we are not selling each call to 3-5 of your competitors like so many different companies out there.

Unlike many “marketing companies” that sell ad space or customers to multiple companies in the same industry, you are locking out your competitors for this opportunity. This means more qualified calls for you that your competitor will not be able to touch.

As soon as you have been approved for the New Market Group program we will re-route the calls so they are coming directly into your office from the region associated with your office.

Do you have questions?

Do You Qualify?

New Market Group does not work with just anyone. We ensure that when we work with you we are working with businesses who value long-term relationships and the customers that we generate for them.

To see if you qualify start by filling out the New Market Group application

Currently, we are looking to work with businesses in the following industries


Pest Control








Financial Planning


And Other Interesting Industries